Jumaat, 31 Julai 2009

Friendly with SUFC

Friday July 31-

Pride went for a friendly match with SU . Well, actually the SU' s were supposed to play against RIP , but the RIP full squad wasn't there so we played against SUFC . In the first half, to open the tally for Pride fc was Aziz Hamid , with a solo effort that beats the defence . In the 25th minute, the Pride got a penalty, and the Thailand international Tanaphoom Intakanok steps up to take the penalty and he scores . Third goal was for Pride fc again with an easy assist from Izzat Asnan to Rafie Zulfadhli to make it 3-0 .

First half ended 3-0 . Applause to the players of Pride FC. For the day defense line was Mat Rushan ; Hakim Jerudin ; Rafie Zulfadhli ; Fakhri. Those who controlled the midfield was Dib ; Muhsin ; Majid ; Zulazri. Forwards were Aziz Hamid & Izzat Asnan.

Pride FC who help SUFC was Haji. Naif ; Syafie Zakaria ; Afeeq ; Nabawi . They played well too.

2nd half was for the RIP players and a little help from our players.

.by Rafie Zulfadhli

Jumaat, 24 Julai 2009

New Divide

So when are you guys free? Tell me, chatbox is there. We havent played for a while so let' s do the work okay. Next Sunday seems okay? and for our new kit will be around $28.